Prada Tiny Sequins Bag Collection



Prada just released new adorable bags including totes. You see, dark colors like black should be your next hunt, because they match to the fall and winter seasons.

These new Prada’s are made from fabric, a very strong and reliable material. For the design, tiny sequins have been implemented to create stars, trees and flowers.

What’s more? The collection consists of clutches, drawstring bag, large totes and small totes. The totes come with long straps to carry around your shoulder.

The prices range from $1550 USD, €1400 euro, £1120 GBP for a small tote to $1880 USD, €1700 euro, £1370 GBP for a large tote, available via Prada e-store or boutiques.

Well, enough talking. Check out the details below.






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Prada Studded Pyramid Frame Tote



We talked a lot about Prada Totes because we love them. Last time we introduced the Prada Monochrome Bag, which is a new item for this season. Today we will be featuring the Prada Pyramid Frame Bag, but this is not a new accessory. And unfortunately, you cannot find a lot of stories about this shiny object, so we decided to start one.

The Design


The Prada Pyramid Bag is not crafted to be your everyday companion. Well, it can be, if don’t mind to stand in the spotlight everyday. The metal stud and stone embellishment makes the bag shine like a diamond, which will attract a lot of eyes.

Maybe it’s made for special occasions, or maybe you know the perfect outfit to match this beauty. Anyway, this bag is built from patent Saffiano Leather. The Saffiano Leather is one of the house’s most powerful weapons in the fashion world – it’s durable, impeccable and scratch-free. It’s so good that Prada even decided to patent it.

The front features the leather triangle with Prada logo. You can carry the bag by hand with the double leather handle, but it also comes with a removable and adjustable leather shoulder strap. The uniqueness about this design is actually the metal spring hinge closure on the top. It opens like you would from a minaudiere clutch.

The Interior


While the leather is strong and durable, it’s not really flexible. So don’t think of overstuffing your bag with more essentials than it can take. Besides the main compartment that you will find inside, there is also two pockets and one with zipper closure.

The Sizes And Prices

The style code of this bag is BL865B, it measures 10’ x 12.75’ x 4.75’ (H x W x D) inches and is priced at $3700 USD, €2800 euro, £3000 GBP, ¥469800 JPY via Prada boutiques.

More Images




Prada Daino Totes



Prada sure knows how to create everyday multi-functional totes that we can use on a daily basis. This Prada Diano Tote is no exception to that. With its elegant calfskin material with Daino finishing that offers a supple, pebbled texture, you’ll be giddy to tote this Daino tote over your shoulder or in the crook of your arm during busy days or if you are in a hurry.

A practical essential thanks to its carryall size, the Prada Daino Tote can carry and hold all your essentials and other necessities. The classic and favorite black color is also perfect for your year-round wear.

This Prada tote features top handles for fuss-free carrying and a magnetic fastening for easy access. It also has a front pocket to store your other essentials, and a detachable snap-buttoned pouch.

Looking inside, it has fabric and leather lining, internal zipped and slot pockets. It measures 12′ x 12′ x 5.5′ (H x W x D) inches and is priced $1510 USD, €1350 euro, $2150 AUD, ¥185000 JPY, $11700 HKD via MyTheresa.






Prada Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection



Have you always been a loyal Prada woman? If yes, we’re definitely certain that you’ll get your hands full on the newest Prada Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection for it showcases a variety of fashion forward styles and modernist oriented bags and accessories.

With a contemporary sporty theme to back it up, the Italian brand features functional handbags, totes, and clutches in its Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection, which was held at the Osservatorio in Milan, Italy. Aside from the sporty theme, Prada also infused its own interpretation of the Belle Epoque, which was very evident in most if not all of its bag pieces.


Well-known and well-loved for their stylish tote bags, this time around Prada introduced a tote bag in patent material for its newest Cruise Collection. If you’re a keen observer, you will notice that this bag is sporting a new logo as it is now in a stamped fashion. You’ll remember that Prada bags usually sport a small triangle design, which contains the brand name and the crest logo.

Aside from the logo, the tote bag also boasts of a chic, well-structured silhouette which makes it an ideal everyday office bag. It also features two sturdy handles for easy hand carrying.




























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Prada Saffiano Totes ”New Arrival” March 2013 Lookbook

Fresh out from the Italian fashion house Prada, the new saffiano totes have just arrived. Introducing new versions of the BN2603, BN2578 and the BN2575. I don’t think there’s introduction needed, the bags comes with detachable shoulder strap, two leather-lined outside pockets and a Prada logo lining marked in the center of the bag. New colors are available:

From left to right:
1. BN2575 focai
2. BN2575 papaya-red
3. BN2575 papaya-red
4. BN2578 chalk-black
5. BN2578 focai
6. BN2603 black
7. BN2603 caramel
8. BN2603 chalk-white
9. BN2603 cornflower blue
10. BN2603 papaya

BN2603 – $2,250
BN2578 – $1,790
BN2575 – $1,890

All bags are now available on Prada online store.


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Prada Fall Winter 2018 Collection Preview



Just like the previous collection, Prada got our attention by their distinctive Fall Winter 2018 Runway Show. We’re seeing playful accessories with new figures, a lot of colors and never-seen-before handbags. Of course, there are new totes, which is something we love about Prada.

The Robots and The Aliens




Take a look of what Prada has to offer. There are handbags printed with new cartoons like Robots and Aliens in multicolor. And there is more, a monkey hanging on the Triangle from Prada’s iconic logo. Is cartoon-inspired handbags now trending? Is it practical to carry on the street? Well, it’s all personal taste right? So what is yours?

Prada Rainbow Soft Pouches


Here’s a bag that you will not regret – The Prada Soft Pouches. Of course we are not certain what these bags are made from. But from guessing, it should be durable and strong Nylon. The Prada Nylon’s are pretty strong and scratch-free. If so, then it’s certainly going to be a one-time purchase and eternity yours bag.

These pouches come with a chic chain, signature triangle logo as well as in variation of bright shades.

Prada Logo Bags



Back to the past? Or just race-font designed logo? The first bag is a nice rectangle-shaped handbag, featuring the prada triangle logo, but without the Prada signature in it. The triangle logo is made from leather. Instead the logo has been crafted on the body of the bag in Italic and vintage-like font.

And take a look at the second tote. A very nice tote bag with minimalistic design. And here as well, it’s made with the triangle leather logo, but without the house’s name on it. Instead the logo is written on the bottom of the front – designed with a stripe.

More Images And Colors





















Source @Vogue

Prada Classic Bags New Prices


Noted as one of the most popular brands in the fashion industry, Prada has delivered classy and sophisticated designs that instantly penetrate the fashion world and become the must-have item for ladies around the world. Although founded back in 1913, Prada has continued to generously expand and become a highly influential fashion line that every woman craves.

Last price update: February 2018


Boasting with the elegance staple to Prada, the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote is unmistakably the most iconic bag of the fashion line. Although made in Italy, this exemplary bag is easy to spot and is undoubtedly one of the most wanted bags across the country- and for good reason. It is, of course, the example of pure sophistication and is one of the highest rated bags in the handbag industry.

Women love the beautiful Saggiano Leather and double handles, making it perfect for easy carrying on-the-go. Showcasing utter refinement and a unique design, the bag also includes a removable shoulder strap when you just want to throw your bag over the shoulder and head to the trendy downtown shops.

Besides an extremely chic exterior, the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote is also popular thanks to its easy open top, welcoming women to a roomy interior with plenty of space for all your on-the-go items. Plenty of space with a logo jacquard lined interior and a gorgeous outer appearance? Let’s face it: this is the bag you need in your collection.

Prada Saffiano Lux Totes Prices

Styles Latest Prices (2015)
Prada Mini Saffiano Lux Tote $1060 USD, €990 euro
Prada Small Saffiano Lux Tote $2200 USD, €2000 euro
Prada Saffiano Lux Tote $2200 USD, €2000 euro
Prada Mini Saffiano Lux Tote 7′ x 10′ x 4.25′ (H x W x D) inches
Prada Small Saffiano Lux Tote 8.25′ x 11.5′ x 5′ (H x W x D) inches
Prada Saffiano Lux Tote 10′ x 14.25′ x 7′ (H x W x D) inches




Prada Galleria Tote Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices
Prada Micro Galleria Tote Bag in Saffiano leather $1350 USD, €950 euro, £880 GBP
Prada Mini Galleria Tote Bag in Saffiano leather $1920 USD, €1450 euro, £1390 GBP, ¥231120 JPY, $2250 CAD
Prada Small Galleria Tote Bag in Saffiano leather $2230 USD, €1680 euro, £1610 GBP, ¥258120 JPY, $2590 CAD
Prada Galleria Tote Bag in Saffiano leather $2390 USD, €1800 euro, £1770 GBP, ¥277560 JPY
Prada Large Galleria Tote Bag in Saffiano leather $2580 USD, €1950 euro, £1850 GBP
Style Style codes Sizes
Prada Micro Galleria Tote Bag 1BH907 6.6’ x 4.7’ x 3.3’ (L x H x W) inches
Prada Mini Galleria Tote Bag 1BA896 9.6’ x 6.4’ x 4.3’ (L x H x W) inches
Prada Small Galleria Tote Bag 1BA863 11’ x 7.6’ x 4.7’ (L x H x W) inches
Prada Galleria Tote Bag 1BA274 12.9’ x 9.2’ x 5.7’ (L x H x W) inches
Prada Large Galleria Tote Bag 1BA786 13.9’ x 10.2’ x 6.4’ (L x H x W) inches




Prada Double Tote Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices
Prada Small Double Tote Bag in Saffiano Leather $2600 USD, €1900 euro, £1840 GBP
Prada Double Tote Bag in Saffiano Leather $2780 USD, €2100 euro, £2010 GBP, ¥316440 JPY, $3290 CAD
Prada Large Double Tote Bag in Saffiano Leather $2980 USD, €2250 euro, £2140 GBP, ¥332640 JPY, $3550 CAD
Styles Style codes Sizes
Prada Small Double Tote Bag 1BG887 11.8’ x 8.8’ x 5.5’ (L x H x W) inches
Prada Double Tote Bag 1BG775 12.9’ x 9.8’ x 5.57 (L x H x W) inches
Prada Large Double Tote Bag 1BG756 13.9’ x 10.6’ x 6.8’ (L x H x W) inches




Prada Esplanade Tote Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices
Prada Small Esplanade Bag in Saffiano Leather $2280 USD, €1850 euro, £1690 GBP, ¥270000 JPY, $2790 CAD
Prada Esplanade Bag in Saffiano Leather $2470 USD, €2000 euro, £1820 GBP, ¥313200 JPY, $2990 CAD
Styles Style codes Sizes
Prada Small Esplanade Bag 1BA045 10.2’ x 7.8’ x 5.3’ (L x H x W) inches
Prada Esplanade Bag 1BA047 12.5’ x 9.6’ x 5.7’ (L x H x W) inches




Prada Bibliotheque Tote Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices
Prada Small Bibliotheque Bag in Calf leather with Bellow Sides €2300 euro, £2090 GBP, ¥334800 JPY, $3500 CAD
Prada Small Bibliotheque Bag in Calf leather with ayers bellow sides $3580 USD, €2900 euro
Prada Bibliotheque Bag in Calf leather with Bellow Sides $3080 USD, €2500 euro, £2250 GBP, $3750 CAD
Styles Style codes Sizes
Prada Small Bibliotheque Bag 1BA050 10.2’ x 7.8’ x 4.9’ (L x H x W) inches
Prada Bibliotheque Bag 1BA049 11.8’ x 8.8’ x 5.7’ (L x H x W) inches




Prada Inside Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices (March 2017)
Prada Mini Inside Bag in Calf Leather $2720 USD, €2050 euro, £1800 GBP, Ostricht; $6500 USD, €4900 euro, £4250 GBP
Prada Small Inside Bag in Calf Leather $3050 USD, €2300 euro, £2020 GBP
Prada Small Inside Bag in Python €4200 euro, £3600 GBP
Prada Small Inside Bag in Ostrich €6000 euro, £5220 GBP
Prada Inside Bag in Calf Leather $3450 USD, €2600 euro, £2260 GBP
Styles Style codes Sizes
Prada Mini Inside Bag 1BB011 8.6’ x 6.2’ x 5.1’ (L x H x W) inches
Prada Small Inside Bag 1BB010 10.4’ x 7.2’ x 6.1’ (L x H x W) inches
Prada Inside Bag 1BB009 11.8’ x 8.2’ x 6.8’ (L x H x W) inches




Prada Vitello Daino Tote Bag Prices

Styles Latest Prices
Prada Vitello Daino Tote Bag in Calf Leather €$1740 USD, €1450 euro, £1400 GBP, ¥244080 JPY, $2390 CAD
Style codes Sizes
Prada Vitello Daino Tote Bag 1BA579 13.3’ x 9.8’ x 7’ (L x H x W) inches


Prada Gaufre Totes
Let’s face it: women love ruffles. They just have a certain cuteness and femininity about them. And if you can find ruffles in a Prada bag, it’s an obvious win. I guess that’s why the Prada Gaufre Tote is such a huge hit amongst women of all ages.

The Prada Gaufre Tote gives us the ability to combine the classiness of Prada in an adorable and fun way- with plenty of ruffles and an overall stylish design we love. Not to mention you can use this bag as a simple handbag or throw it over the shoulder for a trendy look. This bag matches almost any style you pair it with, and an open interior makes for a handy space all your essentials can fit into. It’s clear: The Prada Gaufre Tote is a must-have for feminine ladies with quirky attitudes.

Prada Gaufre Tote ag Prices

Prices as per 2015: $1495 USD, €1175 euro


Prada Gaufre Tessuto Totes
A little bit rugged, a little bit naughty- this classy bag with a pinch of grungy attitude comes with all the finest bells and whistles you could ever dream about.

Similar to the Prada Gaufre Tote yet boasting its own set of rules and styles, the Prada Gaufre Tessuto Tote is undeniably one of Prada’s most wanted bags. It has it all; from the adorable ruffled exterior to the gorgeous gold plated lining that catches the eye immediately. With the option to wear as a handbag or throw across the body, this tote is as versatile as it is exemplary. Wear this bag with your favorite mini-dress or mix and match with a pair of blue jeans and cropped leather jacket for styles that really rock.

Prada Small Gaufre Tessuto Tote: 14′ X 11′ X 6′ (W x H x D) inches
Prada Gaufre Tessuto Tote: 13.25′ X 10′ X 6′ (W x H x D) inches

Prices as per 2015:
Prada Small Gaufre Tote: $1290 USD
Prada Medium Gaufre Tote: $1780 USD


Prada Dettagli Totes
For the lady in need of a luxurious bag oozing with class, the Dettagli Tote is the answer. This extremely popular tote bag designed by Prada offers simplicity with a subtle design that showcases high-style fashion we love.

Created with breaktaking calfskin leather, the Dettagli Totes are as wonderful to look at as they are to touch. Ladies enjoy the immense amount of storage space offered on the inside, including two separate pockets for added storage. A subtle leather traingle with logo lettering seals off this gorgeous double handled bag, and the extra removable, adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry in different ways. The perfect bag for trips to the office or the finest occasions.

Size: 31 x 25.5 x 20 (L x H x W) in cm
Prices as per 2015: $2200 USD, €1730 euro


Prada Diano Tote Bag
Warm weather calls for none other than the The Prada Diano Tote Bag- another one of Prada’s most famous bags. This handbag is available in a wide array of brilliantly vibrant colors that give off the summer mood, while uniquely designed tall handles give this bag an easy-to-grab feel that ladies can bounce around with all summer long.

Besides it’s enthusiastic and bright color scheme, this enchanting tote bag features contrasting topstitching for a really exotic appearance. Women love that they can easily carry this bag down for a beachside stroll, or take it to the fanciest diner with their girlfriend’s and still look exceptional.

Size: 11″ X 10″ X 8″ (W x H x D) inches

Price as per 2015: $1550 USD, €1450 euro


Prada Saffiano Cuir Tote Bag
The Prada Saffiano Cuir Tote Bag is the epitome of fashion, an exquisite masterpiece that should be worn to any and all high class events and functions. Its exterior is made with the incredibly popular and patented saffiano leather, known for its sensational diamond stitching and resilience to scratches, scuff marks- even water.

But the attractive and beloved leather isn’t the only thing to love about the Prada Saffiano Cuir Tote Bag. The rolled tote handles make this bag easy to carry, and the expandable snap sides makes it easy to switch up your style. The interior is aligned with gorgeous contrast leather lining and a magnetic flap pocket divider for easy storage of all your essential items. Completed with a fancy (removable) hanging ID window, this tote easily gets an 11 out of 10.

Prada Mini Saffiano Cuir Tote Bag: 10’ X 8.5’ X 5’ (W x H x D) inches
Prada Small Saffiano Cuir Tote Bag: 13.25’ X 10’ X 5’ (W x H x D) inches
Prada Medium Saffiano Cuir Tote Bag: 13.25’ X 10’ X 6.5’ (W x H x D) inches

Prices as per 2015:
Prada Mini Saffiano Cuir Tote Bag: $2600 USD, €2400 euro
Prada Small Saffiano Cuir Tote Bag: $2680 USD, €2500 euro
Prada Medium Saffiano Cuir Tote Bag: $2890 USD, €2700 euro


Prada Saffiano Cuir Twin Bag
This lovely Prada Saffiano Cuir Twin Bag has “businesswomen” written all over it. It’s a highly sophisticated piece made with only the finest saffiano leather, the diamond quilted sensational leather that every fashionista dreams of owning. The box-like shape of this bag gives it plenty of well-loved structure that can easily suit a business or casual setting with ease. We love the addition of appealing silvertone hardware while the hanging buckled luggage tag gives this piece a casual undertone- not to mention the leather triangle with logo lettering for an extra dash of famous fashionista flavor.

On the interior you’ll notice one zip and three open pockets, perfect for carrying all your essentials, while the center zip compartment divides it up in an easy-to-use fashion. Use the double turn-locks to keep your goodies secure and enjoy this sensational piece for many months.

Size: 10′ x 14′ x 7.5′ (H x W x D) inches

Price as per 2015: $3180 USD, €2400 euro


Prada Saffiano Gardener’s Tote
The Prada Saffiano Gardener’s Tote is a dashing number that can be accompanied anywhere- to the mall, to the Grammy’s, even to a meeting in Town Hall. There’s so much to love about this particular tote, from the ever-popular and super trendy gusset sides to the beloved patented saffiano leather exterior with gorgeous diamond stitching. It’s an incredibly durable number that will last for ages, and you’ll love how lightweight and handy it is.

On the interior you’ll find plenty of compartments and pockets to suit all your needs while the magnetic-snaps keep all of your belongings safe, secure, and organized. Finished off with stunning golden hardware and a hanging key ring, we feel this bag gets a solid 10 out of 10.

Size: 9′ x 12.5′ x 5′ (H x W x D) inches

Price as per 2015: $1930 USD


Prada Saffiano Vernice Dote Tote
If you’re seeking an out-there bag with its own personality, the Prada Saffiano Vernice Dote Tote is your answer. This funky yet fashionable piece is a must-have for any Prada Collection as its unusual look allows you to switch things up while still staying up-to-date.

The Prada Saffiano Vernice Dote Tote comes with a clever dome shape that is calm, clever, and cool, with a casual feel that can be brought anywhere. Surprisingly lightweight, this tote comes with the ever-popular, sturdy and durable saffiano leather that will last for a lifetime. We love the addition of gorgeous golden hardware and the hanging covered key ring to complete the style. Enjoy utmost style and a funky attitude with this cute tote!

Size: 11′ x 13′ x 5′ (H x W x D) inches

Price as per 2015: $2150 USD


Prada Twin Pocket Tote
Fancy, sleek, and soft, the Prada Twin Pocket Tote bag is certainly a top pick amongst Prada enthusiasts. This particular piece comes with the sensational and structured calfskin we all adore, while the silver hardware looks pleasing against the eye. This bag comes with very comfortable rolled tote handles with a snap-button strap and a removable shoulder strap so you can switch things up in a second. The ultra-wide gusset sides only add to the trendy look of this chic tote, and we’re loving every second of it.

Aside from a mod and exquisite exterior, this handy tote includes one zip and one slip pocket for plenty of storage aligned with an eye-catching logo jacquard lining that’s always a huge hit. Metal feet protect the bottom of this sensational bag, which makes the Prada Glace Calf Twin Pocket Tote a very long-lasting piece you can wear for years.

Size: 9′ x 14.5′ x 8′ (H x W x D) inches

Price as per 2015: $2470 USD, €2300 euro


Prada Saffiano Soft Tote Bag
Prefer a larger bag to get the job done? Then this exclusive Prada Saffiano Soft Tote Bag is your only option. This gorgeous, extra large tote is a must-have for ladies who love a larger accessory. It comes with a beautiful, extra soft saffiano leather exterior that is not only pleasing to the eye but sensational to the touch. Not to mention the sturdiness of saffiano leather keeps this bag looking fresh and new even after months of use.

This big piece can easily store all of your must-have items, big or small. It’s perfect for the office yet versatile enough to run off to the mall or a dinner party. Ladies love the inclusion of one zip and two open pockets for smaller items while the open top makes it easy to reach in and grab your goodies. What can we say? We love everything about this oversized tote.

Size: 10′ x 12′ x 7′ (H x W x D) inches

Price as per 2015: $2500 USD


Prada Saffiano Vernice Promenade Bag
The Promenade is certainly a bag unlike anything you’ve seen before. It has a very casual yet sophisticated appearance that lacks a box-like structure, thus giving it a free and boundless appearance that’s certainly a knockout. We love the inclusion of tonal topstitching against the beloved saffiano leather, giving it some serious edge and fashionable attitude that can’t be dismissed.

All in all the Prada Saffiano Vernice Promenade Bag is a hit. It has a uniquely shaped body complete with handy rolled tote handles and double zippers around the opening for an added touch of security and trend. You’ll be surprised this bag weighs less than 2 pounds! What’s not to love about this exquisite and totally unique looking piece?

Size: 7′ x 10′ x 4′ (H x W x D) inches

Price as per 2015:
$1780 USD


Prada Saffiano Executive Tote Bag
“Simplicity at its finest”. That’s truly the only way to describe the Prada Saffiano Large Executive Tote Bag. It’s not overwhelmed with any fancy styles or jewels- and let’s face it, this bag doesn’t need it. It makes a huge statement all on its own.

It’s a rather large piece with a very structured, business like style that makes it perfect for in the office or fancier occasions. With the inclusion of gorgeous saffiano leather, the bag gets a bit of detailing on the exterior to spruce it up a bit. If you’re looking for an understated bag that is fashion forward and cool, then the Prada Saffiano Large Executive Tote Bag is the tote you need.

Size: 12′ x 15′ x 6′ (H x W x D) inches

Prices as per 2015: $2580 USD


Prada City Turn-Lock Twin Bag
Prada City Turn-Lock Twin Bag is simply a stylish and hip piece that you can take literally anywhere. It’s super versatile and this city bag makes for a show-stopping piece that can’t be missed. It’s made with gorgeous calfskin so the exterior is sleek and smooth, very appealing to the eye and even nicer to the touch.

We love this trendy bag because it has the sleek factor we adore alongside silvertone hardware, giving it a luxurious touch we can’t ignore. The top is secured with double turn-locks, leading to the roomy interior where you can easily place all of your essential items. All in all, the Prada City Turn-Lock Twin Bag easily gets 10 out of 10 stars.

Size: 10.5′ x 17′ x 8′ (H x W x D) inches

Price as per 2015: $3100 USD


Prada City Double Bag
The Prada City Double Bag is a gorgeous accessory that has just the right combination of structure and freedom. The somewhat slouchy yet luxurious exterior makes it easy to go from an office bag to a nightlife bag while the smooth and soft exterior makes it very classy and chic. We love the look of this bag, but what we love even more is the roomy interior where you fit almost anything. Completed with a trendy leather triangle with metal logo lettering on the exterior alongside a hanging buckled ID tag, this particular bag has city style written all over it. Definitely a must-have for any Prada fan!

Size: 10.5′ x 13.5′ x 7′ (H x W x D) inches

Price as per 2015: $2870 USD


Prada Double Tote Bag

Prada Double Small Tote Bag: 9.8″ x 13″ x 5.8″ (H x W x D) inches
Prada Double Medium Tote Bag: 10.6″ x 14″ x 6.7″ (H x W x D) inches

Prices as per 2015:
Prada Double Small Tote Bag: Suede; $2700 USD
Prada Double Medium Tote Bag: Suede; $2950 USD, €2000 euro

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Durability: Prada Leather Totes



Maybe one of the strongest favorite of Prada bags would be their leather bags. Most fashion lovers who demand their bag to be durable would go for Prada. Prada’s known for its durability. There’s no doubt that the most classic bag or Prada would be the Saffiano Lux bag in leather.

Most girls would go for the Saffiano Lux bag in leather. The bag is elegant, good use for everyday and in the evening. MANY colors to pick and the bag matches to most of our style.

If I were to pick a leather bag, I would go for a single color instead of having fancy patterns around the bag.
Simply look at the pictures above, what’s so sophisticated about Prada? A small logo in the center of the bag. But Prada has its own style, except their durability. You can name it classy and simplicity.

Sometimes simplicity is the best.

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